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Welcome to Home With Willow – A Plant-Based Lifestyle Blog by Katie Emmitt. Katie, 26, lives in Philadelphia, PA with her partner Colin, and her two cats, Willow & Cassidy.


     Over the years, I’ve found myself wondering, “What makes me the most happy? What is my purpose? What am I here to do?”

     Those are really difficult questions to answer! And the answer has evolved over the years. In high school and college, I thought it was to create things that brought awareness and ‘woke people up’ to the things that were happening around them. Then, around the time I graduated fromart school, I thought it might be to create things that help people to feel calm, centered, and present in the now. Later on, I thought maybe it was just simply to bring other people joy, to make them smile. Currently, I find myself thinking that my purpose is to not just make people happy, but to teach, to inspire, and to help them live a happy, healthy, mindful, life. The type of lifestyle that has brought me so much joy.

     In this blog, I hope you find inspiration for your own healthy, plant-based lifestyle. I try to do the best that I can every day to live a mindful (conscious) life. I try to be aware of the footprint I have on the planet, and I attempt to minimize that footprint to the best of my ability. To do that, I eat plant-based, I often buy in bulk and create my own food products instead of buying store-bought, I create my own eco-friendly house cleaners, and my own low-ingredient plant-based beauty products (which have done wonders for my sensitive skin). In addition, I bring this awareness into other personal aspects of my life. Meditation, mindful breathing, positive affirmations, and other mindfulness techniques have helped me to overcome my anxiety, and heal from an abusive relationship which left me crippled when it came to my every day life.


Expect to find:

Wherever you are in your life, wherever you may be on your path to healing – I’m grateful you’re here! Let’s get started on this journey together.

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