Simple Coconut Rice | Home with Willow | Katie Emmitt

Simple Coconut Rice – easy to make, delicious, and the perfect pair for Thai, Indian, Hawaiian, and several other  cuisines! 





Simple Coconut Rice | Home with Willow | Katie Emmitt

What kind of coconut milk should I use?

     My personal favorite, is homemade coconut milk. Homemade coconut milk is a little bit lighter and has a fresher flavor than canned. Additionally, its less expensive, has no additives or thickeners, and you don’t have to worry about cans with BPA (something I am sensitive to). Also, if you shop bulk, you can cut down on waste too! Check out our easy recipe for DIY homemade coconut milk. If you do decide to make your own coconut milk, you don’t need to strain it for this particular recipe! So you can very quickly add hot water to your flaked coconut, blend, and add it right to your rice to cook in less than five minutes.

     However, you can easily use canned coconut milk with this recipe, too. If I am going to buy canned coconut milk, I like to buy this Native Forest brand. Its organic, BPA free, and well priced. 

Simple Coconut Rice | Home with Willow | Katie Emmitt

A Note on Rice Cookers

     Honestly, I used to think that rice cookers were a waste of money. That they were just another kitchen appliance to take up space on my counter. However, without fail, every SINGLE time I made rice, I ended up with it boiling over, creating a gross film on my stove. Or I would burn it. Or it would be too sticky, too dry, whatever.

The Rice Cooker That Changed My Mind

     About two years ago, I was given this Zojirushi ‘Neuro Fuzzy’ automatic rice cooker and my perspective on rice cookers was completely changed! This one is incredible, and I actually use it to make rice, quinoa, and other grains like millet at least 3x a week.

     It can also be used to cook lentils, or do one pot meals by cooking your rice & lentils, and at the end (with about ten minutes left), adding in frozen or fresh chopped veggies to steam. You can get even more creative (I recommend checking out Pinterest for other rice cooker ideas!) but even just for those foods, I find its highly worth it! You can leave it completely unattended and the rice comes out perfect, every time. If I’m not feeling well, I can quickly throw some rice and water in, go lay down, and the cooker chimes to me when its ready. Or if I’m juggling 3 things at once, I can set it and leave it to do its thing. 

     Additionally, it’s just perfect for all the busy meal-preppers out there. You can cook up to 6 cups of rice or quinoa at one time. This means that you could potentially set your rice or grain to cook in the cooker, then prep all your veggies (chop, slice, etc. then roast in the oven), and your proteins (quinoa or tempeh or roasted chickpeas), and by the time you’ve finished all of that, your grains will be finished too! So, its really ideal for large families, or people who love to meal-prep and want to make large amounts at once without having to fuss over the stove while cooking.

     If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, I would at the very least make sure it has a latching lid, with a silicone or rubber lip to keep it from leaking out all over the counter. I had a cheap Black & Decker rice cooker I never used because it had this problem of creating an even larger mess than just cooking on the stovetop! 


Simple Coconut Rice | Home with Willow | Katie Emmitt


Simple Coconut Rice

Serves 4


2 Cups of Jasmine Rice

2 Cups Homemade Coconut Milk (or 1 can)

1/2 Tsp Himalayan Salt

1 1/2 Cups Filtered Water (Learn about the best home water filters here)

Optional: 1 Tsp Coconut Sugar, Fresh Cilantro for Garnish, Sesame Seeds


Simple Coconut Rice | Home with Willow | Katie Emmitt

  1. If using a rice cooker: Add all of your ingredients to the rice cooker and stir well. Set for white rice, and let cook. Fluff with a fork when finished. (On my Zojirushi cooker, I set it to the ‘harder’ rice setting).
  2. If using a pot, bring all of the ingredients to a boil. Then, reduce heat to low and simmer, covered, for about 20 minutes. Remove the lid, fluff, and leave uncovered for about 5 more minutes to finish cooking.

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