The Home with Willow Podcast with Katie Emmitt
The Home with Willow Podcast
Episode 7 - What is Your "Higher Self?"

Welcome to the Home with Willow Podcast where we discuss all things mindful, plant-based, and eco-conscious. Join us for Episode 7 – What is Your “Higher Self?” 

In Episode 7, I explain what your Higher Self is, how to connect with them, and how they can benefit us.
Episode 7 also includes a simple guided meditation where we can learn to connect with our higher selves and bring them into our daily lives.

“So to put it another way, you can think of your highest self as your absolute best self… If you were going to be the best… human or soul that you could possibly be – that’s what your highest self embodies. So, it’s just like, this perfect version of yourself. Without fear, without anxiety, without depression… just that absolute embodiment of love and oneness. That’s what your highest self embodies. So, by connecting with our higher selves, we can kind of start to embody more of those really great characteristics and… start to become… better people.”

     In this Podcast, I mention the Insight Timer App – click here to download it for yourself. It is an amazing tool (that’s free!) that I use when I meditate or give myself or someone else a Reiki session. (Click here to learn more about Reiki Energy Healing.) The guided meditation runs from about 8:10 – 23:45.

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