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The Home with Willow Podcast
Episode 4 - The Importance of Self-Love & Healing Your Self-Worth

…On today’s episode, I’ll be discussing the importance of having a good sense of self-worth & really finding self-love as a foundation for healing from abuse.


This week, the topic is a little different than what I’ve been discussing in previous episodes. Today, I’m discussing self-love increasing your self-worth – specifically after enduring an abusive relationship. This topic is very near and dear to my heart, because it is something I went through not so long ago.

So on today’s episode, I’ll be discussing the importance of having a good sense of self worth & really finding self love as a foundation for healing from abuse.

Ways I was Able To Get Back my Self-Worth

Using Positive Affirmations
  1. Recognizing the poor behavior (Blame & negative self talk).
  2. Stopping the negative self talk.
  3. Replacing it with a positive affirmation.
My ‘Slow & Steady’ Method For Using Positive Affirmations
  1. Write down your affirmations.
  2. Think them.
  3. Whisper them.
  4. Say them out loud.
  5. Go to a mirror – think them while looking yourself in the eyes.
  6. Whisper them while looking at your reflection.
  7. Say them out loud while looking at your reflection.


Other things that helped raise my self-worth
  1. Connecting with my Higher Self
  2. Writing/journaling
  3. Sharing my experience with others (realizing I wasn’t alone in my pain).
  4. Time, patience, forgiveness. 
why it was so important for my healing process
  1. Raising my self-worth built my confidence back to where it used to be, and even higher. It helped my paranoia and anxiety. It helped me feel like I had a purpose again.
  2. Finding ways to love myself helped with my depressed feelings, and feeling of hopelessness.

     Self-love is a good foundation for healing because once you have that strong sense of self worth – once you can really say you LOVE yourself – everything becomes easier. You KNOW that you deserve the best – that you deserve to be treated well. You know that what happened to you wasn’t your fault. And you start to feel safer and more secure. When you value yourself, you are more interested in and more likely to continue this pattern of healing and self care – which can only move you forward and into a better place mentally, physically, spiritually.


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