Nice Cream Recipe eBook by Katie Emmitt Cover

The NEW Nice Cream Recipe EBook Is Out NOW!

Your Ultimate Guide To Creating Plant-Based Healthy Ice Creams

This 60-Page Color Nice Cream Recipe E-Book Includes:
  • 35 incredible recipes including Classic Favorites, Chocolate Based Nice Creams, Superfood Nice Creams, Sorbets, Sherbets, Frostys, Toppings & Bases (like Chia Pudding!)
  • Gorgeous full color photos throughout to help you pick out your next favorite recipe!
  • Pages specifically dedicated to helping you understand what equipment you need (and suggestions for purchase!)
  • An entire section dedicated to explaining the different ingredients you’ll use in the book, where to purchase them, and their purpose in the recipes.
  • Step-By-Step photos showing you what to expect as you create your first Nice Cream creation!
  • Pro-Tips for serving your Nice Cream creations (like how to get slices of fruit to stay on the side of a jar!)
  • Easy to follow recipes with simple ingredients. For harder to find ingredients, there is a “Purchasing Guide” in the back of the book with links to purchase.

Nice Cream Recipe eBook by Katie Emmitt

About The Nice Cream Recipe EBook

I wanted to create a book full of delicious non-dairy plant-based nice creams that was accessible for everyone! There are so many of us who can’t eat dairy, or who choose not to. Dairy free ice cream alternatives are often expensive and difficult to find. My goal was to write a book where you didn’t need fancy ingredients or equipment, and could easily learn how to design your own recipes!

This guide will teach you just that. Learn all about different ingredients, equipment, and even demystify how your favorite bloggers & instagram influencers are creating those gorgeous nice cream bowls!

Many of these recipes have easily substitutable ingredients, and tips on making those substitutions. Not a huge fan of bananas? Try a base of pineapple or mango! Nut-Free? Try substituting rice milk, oat milk, or fruit juice! Unable to find those fancy SuperFood Powders? Order through the links provided, or still enjoy a wide variety of recipes right in the book! Folks who enjoy dairy can also substitute their favorite protein powders, milks, and yogurts too.

There is a little something for everyone in this Nice Cream Recipe eBook! I truly hope you enjoy!

Nice Cream Recipe eBook by Katie Emmitt

Nice Cream Recipe eBook by Katie Emmitt

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