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Episode 1 – Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

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I am pleased to announce the first episode of the Home with Willow Podcast! In October, I toyed around with the idea of starting a weekly Instagram live, or a weekly Podcast. After a lot of deliberation, I decided to bite the bullet and do it – creating this first episode as an instaLIVE show.

For this first episode, I wanted to talk a bit about easy ways that we can reduce plastic waste and our plastic consumption. As it turns out, there are so many free & low-cost ways to reduce your plastic use (a majority of them are under $40)!

Listen to the entire episode for free here to learn about dozens of ways that you can easily reduce your plastic waste and consumption.

Check out this list below for some of my favorite ways to reduce plastic waste (and for some of my favorite non-plastic products to try)


Free Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste:

  • Refusing plastic bags when shopping.
  • Avoid using plastic produce bags.
  • Opting for things that come in paper or glass instead of plastic.
  • Saving packing materials to reuse.
  • Saving glass bottles & jars to reuse as Tupperware.
  • Reusing plastic bottles to store your own cleaning products, etc.
  • Stop buying single use plastic water bottles and switch to one reusable water bottle that can be used indefinitely.
  • Recycling your plastic bags at the grocery store.
  • Remind your server or bartender that you don’t want a straw.
  • Bring your own containers for take out.
  • Bring your own mug/to go cup if you are the type of person who gets coffee every day.
  • If you buy meat or cheese, or your bread from a bakery, get it from the deli and have it wrapped in paper, or bring your own container.
  • If you eat eggs, get them in a compostable container.
  • Get toilet paper wrapped in paper, not plastic.


Low Cost Ways to Reduce plastic waste:

2 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

    • These look like an amazing product! I would love to try them sometime. Thank you for starting a company that encourages people to do better for the environment!

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