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Episode 5 – What is Reiki? and How Does It Work?

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Episode 5 – What is Reiki? and How does it work?

Welcome to episode five of The Home with Willow Podcast! On this week’s episode, we’re discussing Reiki and energy healing. What is Reiki? And how does it work?

This week’s episode is particularly exciting because I hosted my very first guest – Alyson Wernly. Alyson is a Reiki Master and a Certified Health Coach. Over the last week, I asked everyone on Instagram and Facebook, “What would you ask a Reiki Master?” and we got a lot of questions – I asked Alyson what you wanted to know, and she took the time to thoughtfully answer.


What is Reiki?

(From Alyson’s Website) “Reiki is a healing technique through which the therapist channels Universal Life Force Energy into the client by means of touch. This activates the natural healing processes of the client’s body and helps to restore physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Reiki is gentle and non-invasive and helps with pain, depression, anxiety and stress reduction, as well as re balancing stagnant or excess chakra energy.

This form of therapeutic touch has been called The Laying on of Hands, Therapeutic Touch, Angel Therapy, Spiritual Healing as well as many other names throughout history. Rei refers to universal spiritual wisdom while ki represents vital life force. The powerful combination of the two energies allow for healing to take place for all beings involved! Reiki is not only safe but therapeutic for all ages as well as animals and plants. Reiki energy works with the combination of the intelligence of the mind, body, heart and soul to flow where it is most needed.” 


Some of the Questions Answered in this Episode:

  • “What is a reiki master?”
  • “How does it work?”
  • “Why should I believe that reiki works?”
  • “What first made you realize that Reiki healing is not BS?”
  • “What do you think about the placebo effect?”
  • “If you want to try reiki healing, where is the best place to start looking?”
  • “Are you able to tell anything about your clients from the energy exchange?”
  • “Can you see my aura?”
  • “What do you see or feel when you do reiki?”
  • “Is reiki for physical healing only, or also for psychological and spiritual healing? Would I see a reiki practitioner even if I had no (physically manifesting ailment)?”
  • “What source do you receive healing energy from?
  • “What is Qi?”
  • “How might at beginner tune into their Qi?”
  • “How can we use reiki in daily life without a certification?”
  • “If you’re interested in becoming certified, where is the best place to start?”
  • “How does attunement actually work? What is the difference between distance attunement and an in-person attunement?”
  • “How do we work on helping people become more receptive to reiki?”
  • “I’d like to know more about the positive effects of using reiki in nursing home/palliative care settings.”


Recommended Books for those interested in Reiki:

*Mentioned in the Podcast


More about Alyson:

(From her website) “I am a Kundalini Reiki Master, Integrative Health Coach and Herbalist in Philadelphia, PA. I believe the body is always capable of returning to a state of wholeness :: Upon providing the body with what it needs, balance can be restored. My natural wellness journey began over six years ago and has enabled my own personal expansion in ways I did not know possible.

Alignment of the body, mind and spirit are necessary for wholeness and healing. Daily, preventative health measures and spiritual connection are the key to living a full life! I am blessed to lead others in the realm of natural wellness, for it is the true way to finding peace. It gives me such joy to help others live their healthiest and most balanced life. I look forward to assisting you on your wellness journey!”

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The Home with Willow Podcast with Katie Emmitt

Episode 4 – The Importance of Self-Love & Healing Your Self-Worth

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…On today’s episode, I’ll be discussing the importance of having a good sense of self-worth & really finding self-love as a foundation for healing from abuse.


This week, the topic is a little different than what I’ve been discussing in previous episodes. Today, I’m discussing self-love increasing your self-worth – specifically after enduring an abusive relationship. This topic is very near and dear to my heart, because it is something I went through not so long ago.

So on today’s episode, I’ll be discussing the importance of having a good sense of self worth & really finding self love as a foundation for healing from abuse.

Ways I was Able To Get Back my Self-Worth

Using Positive Affirmations
  1. Recognizing the poor behavior (Blame & negative self talk).
  2. Stopping the negative self talk.
  3. Replacing it with a positive affirmation.
My ‘Slow & Steady’ Method For Using Positive Affirmations
  1. Write down your affirmations.
  2. Think them.
  3. Whisper them.
  4. Say them out loud.
  5. Go to a mirror – think them while looking yourself in the eyes.
  6. Whisper them while looking at your reflection.
  7. Say them out loud while looking at your reflection.


Other things that helped raise my self-worth
  1. Connecting with my Higher Self
  2. Writing/journaling
  3. Sharing my experience with others (realizing I wasn’t alone in my pain).
  4. Time, patience, forgiveness. 
why it was so important for my healing process
  1. Raising my self-worth built my confidence back to where it used to be, and even higher. It helped my paranoia and anxiety. It helped me feel like I had a purpose again.
  2. Finding ways to love myself helped with my depressed feelings, and feeling of hopelessness.

     Self-love is a good foundation for healing because once you have that strong sense of self worth – once you can really say you LOVE yourself – everything becomes easier. You KNOW that you deserve the best – that you deserve to be treated well. You know that what happened to you wasn’t your fault. And you start to feel safer and more secure. When you value yourself, you are more interested in and more likely to continue this pattern of healing and self care – which can only move you forward and into a better place mentally, physically, spiritually.


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The Home with Willow Podcast with Katie Emmitt

Episode 3 – Plant Based Diet Q & A with Katie

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Welcome to episode three of the Home with Willow Podcast! Last week we discussed transitioning to a plant based diet. I spoke a little bit about my own journey, some reasons for making the transition to a plant based diet, and my top tips for making the process a little bit easier.

So this week, I’m continuing that discussion by answering all of the questions I got over the past few weeks about plant based diets. So on today’s episode, I’ll be strictly doing a Q & A session – answering all of your amazing questions I got from Instagram and Facebook. There were a ton of great questions here that I believe a lot of people have been wondering about so… I’m pretty excited to answer them!

Questions Answered in this podcast:

  1. “I’d love to have some super cheap/simple plant based meals for times like now, where I’m very low on money. I’m currently living off bagels, pb&j, eggs, & tuna fish.” – Taylor
  2. “How can I curb cravings for non plant based things like meat & cheese? Why do I have cravings for meat and dairy?” – Liz
  3. “Easy/last minute meal ideas & things you should always have in your pantry?” – Taylor
  4. “How do you get adequate levels of taurine & B12?” – Jake
  5. “Best way to make it convenient, time wise?” -@poleandpropsper
  6. “The link between chia seeds, low blood pressure, and periods? I’m confused about it.” -@rainbowprojects
  7. “Any necessary supplements besides B12?” – @rainbowprojects
  8. “Thank you so much for sharing! Your posts are inspiring and relaxing to look at. I’d love any prep tips you have! What stays good cut in the fridge vs freezer? How long you’ve noticed things last. Also, anything I could bring for lunches when I don’t have the ability to heat food (extra points for no dairy, cashews, sesame seeds, or dates!) It’s been a struggle!” – Brittney
  9. “How many meals do you eat a day?” – Jessica



The Home with Willow Podcast with Katie Emmitt

Episode 2 – Journey to a Plant Based Diet

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      “How can I have a more plant based diet, and what does that process look like?”

On episode 2 of The Home with Willow Podcast, the topic is all about transitioning to a more plant based diet. I’ll be discussing my own 13 year process to becoming plant based (including all of the ups & downs that went along with it)!

Additionally, I’ll be talking a little bit about my top tips to make the process easier and turning it into a long lasting lifestyle change!

Next week, I’ll be taking questions from Facebook and Instagram to do a little Q & A session to answer all of your pressing plant based diet questions.

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The Home with Willow Podcast with Katie Emmitt

Episode 1 – Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

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I am pleased to announce the first episode of the Home with Willow Podcast! In October, I toyed around with the idea of starting a weekly Instagram live, or a weekly Podcast. After a lot of deliberation, I decided to bite the bullet and do it – creating this first episode as an instaLIVE show.

For this first episode, I wanted to talk a bit about easy ways that we can reduce plastic waste and our plastic consumption. As it turns out, there are so many free & low-cost ways to reduce your plastic use (a majority of them are under $40)!

Listen to the entire episode for free here to learn about dozens of ways that you can easily reduce your plastic waste and consumption.

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